Paintings - Oil on paper


Keane uses the human form as an universal metaphor representing all other forms. But the human condition is a relevant theme, representing life, the mind and our emotional landscape. The light and the dark. The sublime and suffering.
Keane’s work represents 20 years of unrelenting experimentation bridging, mastering and converging unique artistic styles. The intention being to consciously deconstruct the whole process, permanently looking to re-invent and break down structure, style and context.

Each painting slowly develops over time through a consecutive layering of colour, value, and stroke. The process is as much directed by Keane as it is suggested by the evolving image itself. When viewed up close, the painted surface appears as an abstraction of marks and spaces, not unlike the minute particles and spaces that make up matter in our physical world.

Keane traverses the established art world and fringe or outsider art, as well as drawing in other inspirations, from mindfulness and self development to music, looking further into other worlds, attempting to take the viewer into a transcendent place - a world of pure subjectivity. Through his work, Keane is committed to ‘world-building’ - an environment that exists unto itself represented by tone, mood, abstraction, form and pure creative expression that seeks to enlighten.